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Semi-Custom Concept Expanded to 67 Foot

A dream of a fast, classic and comfortable racing yacht

One year ago, the aesthetic elegance of the Knierim 60 redefined the combination of speed and maximum comfort in a racing yacht. Now, the Kiel-based shipyard from Germany has expanded its semi-custom concept and is offering the Knierim 67 in the 20-metre class according to the plans drawn up by beiderbeck designs from Bremen. It continues the success story of its little sister, with several design characteristics adopted or updated – from the slender stem with its bulbous bow to the classic slanted transom – but is even more comfortable and faster.

The new design is some two metres more in length overall (20.42 m compared to 18.30 m), and it is primarily the customisable centre cockpit that is enhanced, with roughly the same beam (5.30 m) and a flat, stretched construction. Without a doubt, the focus with this elegantly designed cruiser is on performance. To keep the weight at around 26 tonnes, more carbon fibre is used than just the reinforcements of the GRP hull used on the Knierim 60. The rig is made entirely of carbon, as are the shrouds and spreaders.

Standing at some 32.15 metres above the surface of the water, the upwind sail area is 248 m² – with a 152 m² mainsail and a 96 m² self-tacking jib. That is some 50 m² or 25 percent more in the Knierim 67. The sail area is balanced out by a significantly deeper lifting keel (2.70 to 3.70 m instead of 2.2/3 m), but this also ends beneath the central seating in the saloon, meaning that it appears to take up no space beneath the deck. The deeper draft increases the righting moment and ensures extra power in medium to strong winds.

The stronger the breeze, the greater the enjoyment for the cruising helmsman. With its twin rudder configuration, it provides a solid and stable steering system on a par with that of a Volvo Ocean 65. And any high-end racer will be willing to brave even the most demanding conditions prevailing in round-the-world racing. On the subject of circumnavigation, several aspects of the Knierim 67 are designed with long-distance and short-handed sailing in mind.

The mainsail is reefed and taken in using large in-boom roller-reefing. The under-deck furling gear designed by Reckmann – also a member of the DEUTSCHE YACHTEN working group alongside Knierim Yachtbau and beiderbeck designs – allow the headsail to be furled in at the press of a button, from working jib to code zero. The sheets on the big brother are also trimmed using a hydraulic Magic Trim cylinder without grinder winches.

The interior design in the semi-custom concept is still logical, but flexible and adaptable according to the ideas of its ambitious owner. Their "own four walls" with walk-in wardrobe are generously arranged. However, two double cabins and a crew cabin can also be used for other purposes, for example to add a bar and library to the living area, or perhaps a working space or even a games area.

The pantry can be used even when underway offshore so that the cook is able to transform seafood delicacies into dinner, such as a hot midnight soup, on the crest of a wave. Whether high-grade wood or carbon fibre, natural substances with haptic tones, decorative trims or subtle patterns with LED effects – anything goes. The latest navigation and entertainment electronics are standard from 2.9 million euros for your dream boat in white (or any other colour, of course!)..










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