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Philosophy & Skills

beiderbeck designs is a German design company that specializes in the design of super yachts, yacht interiors and ship infrastructures. The beiderbeck designs studio is based in the super yacht valley Vegesack and has a dependence in Antibes at Port Vauban.


with a team of experienced and keen deigners, naval architects and interior designers, styling and construction go hand in hand and enables us to push construction, design and styling to ever new limits.

About beiderbeck design


More than 50 years of experience


beiderbeck owners and creative minds are lmmo Lüdeling and Tim Ulrich, with together more than 50 years of experience in the design of super yachts. For 10 years both are on the A-list of 50 finest super yacht designers of the Boat International magazine.

After working on some impressive ships, including the exterior design of the 75 m Phocea and Nautor Swan 105, beiderbeck designs has also been involved in larger projects such as Rising Sun, Azzam, Eos, Queen M and superyacht Skat.

Taylormade in every Aspects


Our Skills


Our designs are bespoke, out of the box and at a technically high level, in one word, unique.

Our wide range of tools includes:

In-house concept and layout development

In-house VPP for sailing yachts and fast powerboats, in-house hull line development

In-house structure engineering including high end carbon composite structures

In-house research and experience for green technologies

State-of-the-art design and styling, interior and exterior

In-house geometry development and virtual mock-up

In-house photo realistic renderings

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Vegesack is known for its shipping history. On the Weser there is the Maritime Mile with famous buildings, historic ships and museums. An inspiring ambience of an 18th century office building from the basis for professional work inspired by fresh ideas.





A wooded peninsula between Cannes and Nice on the Côte d'Azur in France. It is known for its old town, which is surrounded by fortification walls from the 16th century. The star-shaped Fort Carré offers a view of the luxury yachts in Port Vauban's harbor.

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