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What we do

Yacht Design
Whether Tender or Superyacht, from mast top to deck furniture and lighting, from colours and shapes to technical solutions, beiderbeck designs provides a wide range of skills and knowledge based on an extensive experience in the realization of Megayacht projects.

This combination is hard to find elsewhere in the yacht design world. It enables us to base our designs on working concepts that are feasible from beginning to end with extraordinary results regardless of the type of project, be it yacht design, interior design or a combination of both.

Sailing Yachts
beiderbeck designs provides exceptional expertise in sailing yacht design.
Sailing performance requires more than just fast lines, a fast concept based on a layout that is lightweight to build and a specification adjusted to the needs of a fast yacht are equally important. Luxury cruising involves more than using high quality materials, but also requires a high level of knowledge regarding the layout of the vessel and its functionality.

All design steps such as concept and layout development, weight and velocity predictions, rig and keel configuration, rig load calculations, structure development, deck layout and specification will be worked out in such a way that they form a consistent package, matching the character of your project.

Naval Architecture
It is important to consider all the elements of a yacht from the very beginning of the project in order to avoid compromises at advanced project stages leading to suboptimal solutions.

For your yacht project we can work out the technical basis such as the design of lines and appendages to cater for all aspects of the specification profile including stability and speed analyses, weight calculations, geometric planning, layout plans, deckplans and sailplans.

Interior Design
Whether you prefer a modern interior or a classic, elegant design, our experienced team of designers will create the ambience you feel comfortable with.

Each project is different; therefore we take great care with the style of the project in order to implement the wishes of our clients to create a tailor-made interior.

We carefully select appropriate materials and where necessary consider the relevant aspects for lightweight interiors from the very beginning of the design.

Design Process
Starting from mood boards and first hand drawn sketches we will translate the ideas into 2D and 3D-drawings and renderings as is appropriate for each individual project.

The pictures and drawings we prepare are initially created to illustrate the style and design of your interior and then optimized to give the best possible information to the interior subcontractors.
This ensures that we can create an interior of the highest standard at a proper price.

Functional Areas
Over the course of several projects involving vessels ranging from 10m to 150m we have gleaned a great deal of knowledge about living and working on a Superyacht from the captains and yacht crews that we have worked with.
We have close contact with manufacturers and suppliers of the finest galley and pantry equipment as well as state of the art navigation and communication technology.
With this background we can work with you to create your ideal layout and specification for the technical and service areas of your yacht such as galley, pantries, security room and wheelhouse.

The secret of a successful and persuading refit is a careful analysis of the yacht or ship to create a proper basis for matching the requirements of the project in a number of different aspects.

beiderbeck designs incorporates all these points when accompanying refit projects with technical and design support regardless of whether they involve minor modifications or large-scale conversion work on and below deck.


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